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', one of the most beautiful and original books on public sale in the world ?'
See for yourself in full : Illuminated Pages online.

Ever wonder why so many ancient faiths featured astrological gods like Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune ? Were they serious ?  And why does a venerable faith like Christianity expect us to believe so many impossible things, just like any old pagan faith ?

Facts Behind Faith rediscovers the astrology behind all ancient religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Tao but also the fascinating, astonishing history behind the Gospel stories.  The hushed, whispered history of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  

 FBF blog The Facts Behind Faith blog offers previews of The Twice and Future Christ, an exciting work-in-progress, spotlighting these themes in dazzling detail. 

This is the stuff of Headlines...

The Tree of Life is the Kabbalah, the esoteric Tradition behind the Bible 
The Tree of Life reveals the Astrology Behind the Kabbalah 

Does God Exist ? 
'The Divine Spirit : 96%  Proof'   

The Tree of Lifean Ancient Astrological Map of All the Planets, is the Source of our World Religions – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Tao following  Egypt, Greece, Rome...

Heaven on Earth : a Multifaith Theology

Christianity is a Kabbalistic Astrological Religion :
Jehovah, Our Father, is Jove, Jupiter, the Father of the Gods
Satan, the Old Goat, is Capricorn Saturn
The Holy Spirit is Inspiring Aquarian Uranus
Christ is the Fish, Long Suffering, Sacred, Piscean Neptune : Lord of the past Age of Pisces

The Kabbalah in Spanish Christianity : Revealing Photographic Evidence

Immortality Guaranteedsee Pg. 2 !
 ‘Take also of the Tree of Life and Eat and Live Forever’ Gen.3.22

The Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal the Historical Messiah Behind Our Gospels Myth
The Teacher of Righteousness was the Messiah of Daniel, 165BCE 
Why the Gospels Copy the Secret Sacred Scrolls

Facts Behind Faith offers revelations based on plain common sense and meticulous, simple scholarship : Astrology, Kabbalah and Scrolls research 

Introduction Pages :
Introduction to from the book.

Astrology, a Serious Science ?

Astrology and Religion : One World, One God, Many Names, Many Faces
The Tree of Life Behind the Bible : Immortality, Reconciliation

Simplifying the Mystery of the Trinity
and The Divinity of Women
plus Good and Evil, it's really a Battle of the Planets

Key to Sections and Colours of 
incl. A Treasure Guide to the Philosopher's Stone : Untold Gold

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