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Heaven on Earth is based on a simple foundation : the seismic realisation astrology does work and the ancients were not gullible fools, as we have portrayed them for too long : dismissing their astrological faiths because they recognised planet-gods.

This extends to a recognition our present day ancient faiths are also based on this age old science, the knowledge of astrology. The evidence for this begins with the Tree of Life, the science behind the Bible.

The significance of this realisation is far-reaching for us all, both individually and collectively as a global village. But astrology only endorses with science, knowledge, the fundamental ideas all religions have taught for well over two millennia. These spiritual principles are no more than the promptings of our hearts, or our unconscious Self, as the Jungian psychologists would tell it.

The original inspiration behind all faiths is to bring out this best in us, emphasising the great truths of the Spirit : immortality, the survival of our Spirits after death; destiny, or the recognition all things are in the hand of heaven (though we are always free to do whatever we want) and above all the importance of the many faces of love, not least the brotherhood of man.

Without these spiritual values and understanding, we have produced a world which is on the edge of extinction and material values which bring lasting happiness and satisfaction to no one.

This is not a technical work on astrology or Kabbalah. It is a brief everyman’s guide to the spiritual facts of life. There is no need to engage with the details of these ancient traditions. We have merely to recognise their most basic and familiar principles.

Recognising the science of astrology opens the doors to a wealth of wisdom. Astrology is a spiritual science and it immediately confirms the reality of our Spirit, the greatest treasure which all religions have to offer. Without this ‘metaphysical’ or spiritual dimension, astrology could not operate. Its energies are beyond even the subtlest range of physical forces which is why it has been rejected by modern science.

A true recognition of the metaphysical realm bestows instant immortality. We have a Spirit which does not die but is reborn again and again as we climb ever higher towards the light. But if we climb with blindfolds, progress is slow and we often go in the wrong direction, towards a dead end.

We find all religions have essentially been telling us the truth because all have drunk from the same well-spring, the worldwide Tradition of the Tree of Life. Heaven on Earth shows the Tree of Life, with its profound knowledge of the spiritual astrology of our heavens, was not the exclusive preserve of the Jews, though we are indebted to them for its preservation.

It is a measure of these ancient cultures they evidently knew all the planets of our system, even tiny Pluto, distant beyond our imagining. The evidence of the Tree of Life is compelling : there is a precisely designed place for every one of the planets from long before the appearance of the Tree of Life at the centre of the Garden of Eden in Genesis, written after about 800 BC.

Our faiths are ancient and venerable and respect is due to the sages who founded them. Recognising our scriptures convey their sacred truths in the traditional vehicles of myth and story only increases the meaning of their message. We will find the history behind these mysteries is not wanting in worthy heroes.

The life of the Dead Sea Messiah, Onias III, is as colourful and inspiring as any great legend or sacred scripture. It appears to be the model for the story of Jesus Christ. Heaven on Earth presents the outline of Onias’ history as an appeal to our common sense. We do not have a credible history of Christianity’s origins. The early Christians apparently copied the Dead Sea sect, the Essenes, in many crucial ways and this link provides the missing history. This discovery does not undermine Christ or Christianity in any way. It provides the solid foundation Christianity badly lacks for so many modern rational minds. And it contains some glorious truths.

Yet while we look back to find our spiritual bearings, we should above all look forward to new understanding and new ways which will serve us in a changed age. We are all capable of understanding the spiritual facts of life for ourselves and we need to take our own decisions and learn by our own mistakes. The history of leadership is long and often sorry and is studded with the lesson that one man will do something in the name of many which in all conscience he would never perpetrate in his own name. When this abdication of morality professes the name of religion, it is particularly blind and dangerous.

The history of religion has been one of evolution. Slow perhaps, but then sudden and relentless when it comes. The story of the birth of Christianity from the womb of Judaism was extremely painful and occasioned much bitterness and persecution. There is every reason to believe if Christ came back as he did last time, chastising the complacent and showing a new way, he might receive a similar welcome.

Heaven on Earth seeks to demonstrate the Messiah was but a man, born to teach the world a new truth, a new understanding, for a new age, the age of the Fishes, Pisces. We now appear to be at a similar stage in the age of the Water Carrier, Aquarius.

The new age of Aquarius takes us from the hidden depths of Pisces to the celestial wonder of the heavens where all is revealed in the clear light of day. It is the Sign of revelation, truth and the great earthquakes these often produce.

                                                                                                Sid Jefferies    
                                                                                                December 2004

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