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Reading Your Own Horoscope   The Tree of Life

A Key to the Planets, Signs and Houses
for the Tree of Life
and Reading a Horoscope

Sid Jefferies' unique astrological definition of the Tree of Life, commended for the clarity it brings to the Kabbalah Tradition.

The adoption of the appropriate ruling Signs for the planets in the Sephiroth and the Paths gives the Tree the astrological significance which lies behind the Old Testament Kabbalistic stories of the Patriarchs, 

This reflects the astrological definition of the Tree in Revelation Ch.22 v.2
'the Tree of Life which bare twelve manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month; and the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the nations.'

The healing of  the nations suggests the future importance of the sacred astrology of the Tree in the new age of Aquarius when the common origin of all our religious faiths can be recognised..

The dazzling metallic gold celebrates the universal warmth and goodness of the Spirit within the Sun, the Spirit which lies within all Creation.   A Spirit Traditionally equated with gold, and with a 'good heart' : 'a heart of gold.'  

1 Personality, temperament, behaviour, self-expression, vitality, appearance, physical features, mask.
2 Resources, assets, finance, earning, spending, material necessities.
3 Communications, words, reading, writing, information, study, school, trips, visits, neighbours.
4 Family, home, security, domesticity, rooms, roots.
5 Fun, creativity, play, games, children, life, love, song, dance, entertainment, gambling.
‘All this world is but a play, be thou the joyful player.’ Maya, Robin Williamson
6 Work, service, duty, dedication, discipline, perfection, efficiency, self-improvement, health.
7 Close relationships, ‘me and you,’ marriage, partnerships, balancing, freedom.
8 Changes, beginnings, finality, intensity, death, morbidity, lateness, inheritance, rebirth, karma, occult.
9 Speculation, philosophy, religion, travel, experience, learning, law.
10 Reputation, career, ambition, achievement, position, status, respect, power, the world.
11 Society, acquaintances, groups, discussion, humanity. ‘Every man and every woman is a star.’
12 Inner realms, seclusion, secrecy, sanctity, contemplation, meditation, mysticism, compassion, care,
welfare institutions, self-deception, self-pity, treachery.

The Twelve Houses are 'areas of life,' corresponding to the Twelve Signs.

MAJOR ASPECTS (10º orb) :
0º CONJUNCTION (20º) co-operation;
60º SEXTILE good connection, harmony;
120º TRINE very good connection, harmony;
90º SQUARE very difficult connection, tension, conflict;
180º OPPOSITION difficult connection, tension, opposition.

See Reading Your Own Horoscope for more details on the Aspects, Planets, Signs and Houses.


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