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Mother Mary and Mother Church

Mother Mary and Mother Church

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A popular Indian representation of Mary rises over the dome of St Peter’s in Rome.

The stars around her head signify her role as Queen of Heaven, the celestial, Aquarian side of this spirit. 

Her close identification with the earthly Church explains her predominant glorification by Rome and a clear bias in putting the interests of Holy Mother Church first, identifying the worldly interests of the Church as those of the Saviour when they are so often so different.   That has ever been the way of the world, the way of this 'establishment' spirit which subtly betrays the trust and  truth of God and His people.

Still we have the Church's blind belief we cannot serve God, we cannot come to God except through the Church, with St Peter, the Vatican, holding the keys to Heaven and Hell.   Excluding so many.  Effectively this was true for most people in the days when few could read or write, few could conceive of a relationship with God outside the Church.  Now times have changed from an age of dependence to an Aquarian spirit of fierce and necessary independence and freedom of thought, freedom of conscience.  

While the Church seems determined to push its flock out of the fold to discover this new freedom of the new age, it sets itself firmly in the traditional mould of determined opposition to change.   It is not for nothing the Gospels portray the high priests of the Temple as those who led  Christ's Crucifixion.  This represents a profound recognition of the fatal flaw of all established churches which instinctively seek to preserve their power and so soon lose the spirit, the divine inspiration, which they claim to celebrate and preserve. 

If the Messiah were to return again for the new age, as a man rather than a myth, criticising and suggesting something better, rather than congratulating his shepherds and their flocks, who would be loudest in denouncing his heresy and blasphemy ?   Would these same high priests of the Temple in Rome want to crucify this imposter ?

These notes will be expanded.

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