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Vishnu Keeps India's Spirituality Earthly

Vishnu Keeps India's Spirituality Earthly

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This sculpture of Vishnu rising from the waters is about five metres in length, one of the most holy images in Kathmandhu, Nepal, the city of temples.  The king cannot look upon this image as he is himself an Incarnation of the God.

Everything in religion is symbolic, it has direct relevance to our spiritual and psychological experiences and is not to be taken literally by the literate; that is, if we are capable of recognising these symbols' deeper and wider significance consciously.   In modern times a literal, fundamental view only provokes sterile and destructive arguments with incredulous, uncomprehending materialists which win few friends and bring us no closer to God.

The Indian monsoon submerges the sub-continent in a wonderful, life-giving bath, the end of which is a cause for great relief.

These notes will be expanded.

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