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'Written in the Book of Life from the Foundation of the World'

'Written in the Book of Life from the Foundation of the World'


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Just as this angel of destiny directs the Universal Plan, in the broad sweep of evolution over millions of years on Page 3 and the relatively petty, no less precious details of our individual lives on Page 4, the concept of Fate, Destiny and the Book of Life implies the ancient and universal theological concept of God's omniscience, insistently demonstrated by His 'prophets,' those who 'speak for God.'  (After all, what better way than for God to speak through one of His / Her chosen children.)

The modern edition of The Prophecies of Paracelsus (Rider and Co.) are prefaced with an introduction by the nineteenth century French Kabbalist, Eliphas Levi which succinctly points out  the logic of prophecy :

'There is not the slightest doubt that if the Present is the result of the Past, the Future will be the result of the Present.  The three being one, the Future should as easily be read as the Past.  But this can only be done when the finite mind of the Seer becomes one with the infinite mind of the Seen, by a manifestation of the Soul, which is the Creator, and source of Truth.'

It is natural we should approach this unity of our finite minds with the infinite mind occasionally in sleep and there have been numerous accounts of prophetic dreams which we have no good reason to disbelieve and many testimonies to support credibility.  Colin Wilson's The Occult tells of a man who had 'a nice little earner' for many years, dreaming up the winners of horse races; never wagering too high a stake which might have disrupted this delicate gift. 

It is natural too, in the present climate, we should usually hastily consign these dreams to oblivion when we wake to our normal consciousness, eager not to stand out from the crowd with a gift which is not readily appreciated, as the story of Cassandra illustrates.   Cassandra was the Trojan princess blessed with the ability to always foresee the future and cursed  never to be believed.   This is the traditional mixed blessing of all prophets.

The theme of Fate is explored more fully in the Angel of Destiny Note on Page 3.

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