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The Holy Spirit, Wisdom in the Air

The Holy Spirit, Wisdom in the Air

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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind
The Dove is the image of the Holy Spirit when it descends on Christ as he is baptised in the River Jordan. It signifies the element of the air for this inspiring spirit, the Aquarian air spirit of inspirational Uranus at Wisdom on the Tree of Life. This is confirmed when the Spirit comes in ‘a rushing mighty wind’ to the assembled disciples and Jesus says of the Holy Spirit ‘The wind bloweth where it listeth.' (St John Ch.3 v.8) Inspiration : the Third Person in the Trinity

The Holy Spirit is recognised as the Third Person in the Christian Trinity and a vital part of Christian theology. It is the Holy Spirit which assists in the Immaculate Conception of Christ in the womb of the Virgin Mary and which descends as a Dove at the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. It is the Spirit of inspiration and truth which Christ promises His disciples and all Christians after His departure. It is the explosive Aquarian Spirit of the new age which now bursts urgently from so many breasts, men and women of good will.

Tongues of Fire : the Spirit of Truth
It is clearly a Spirit of divine inspiration which sends the Disciples out preaching in many languages ‘as the Spirit gave them power to express themselves.’ (Acts 2. 4 NJB) Even the ‘tongues as of fire’ at Pentecost seem to be emphasising the tongues, as symbols of eloquence, burning with urgency. We are told the Spirit will always inspire believers to speak effectively at need, if they are put on trial, to speak truth to power and truth to prejudice (Lk. 12 v.11,12). The Holy Spirit is commonly known as ‘the spirit of truth,’ (Jn. 16 v.13)

Uranus : Truth or Else
All this strongly supports the identification of this Spirit with the spirit of Uranus, which is the planet of inspiration for us all. Uranus is an extremely powerful presence, over 70 times the size of Earth and its influence, its strong, independent spirit, is clearly recognisable, an assertive force and sense of truth which is implacable and can cause earthquakes if it is thwarted on an important matter. Above all it is concerned with truth and when roused its eloquence is always impressive, often devastating.

‘Coming on Strong’
In fuller articles we shall find this spirit is represented in a confusing number of different ways in the Bible. Every new development in Judaism laid claim to this spirit in their own way. This is testimony to the power this spirit carries within us, as well as the fact it is the spirit of truth, always popular with the prophets !

Astrologically, the spirit of Uranus is extremely prominent in many personalities. It is quite easy to imagine ancient astrologers recognising the power of this planet without any recourse to the technology of telescopes. When someone or something is ‘in your face,’ this is Uranus, coming on strong; when someone is ‘sounding off,’ ‘inspired,’ ‘on a soap box,’ these are all phases of Uranus. When someone is ‘speaking their mind’ and quite uncompromising, this is generally Uranus. Pretty much unmistakable.

These are generally the negative excesses of this spirit which are most evident. It is not recognised as Wisdom without the skill to bring things to a finish convivially. The dove is after all the symbol of peace.

The New Age : Making the Deserts Bloom
Uranus rules the air Sign, Aquarius, the Water Carrier, the spirit of the new age. There is always surprise the Water Carrier should be an air Sign. It represents the heavens and the sky which we depend on to carry all the sweet water there is. The Sun filters the salt from the oceans and the clouds carry these million ton vapours to every corner of earth where men dwell and life is drawn from a well, a river or a sparkling reservoir.

New Age : New Truth
Physically the heavens bring us the waters of life but the spirit of this Sign is the spirit of heavenly truth, the spiritual water of life which Christ promised would quench our eternal thirst : we would never want again. And truth is essential for everyone.
Aquarius is certainly the Sign of celestial truth for it is the Sign of the stars and the eternal wisdom of astrology; the science, the knowledge, of the spirits of heaven, the spirits within every breast.

Words of Wisdom : Blowing Up a Storm
It is the force and importance of knowledge and the eternal worth of truth which lies behind the seismic tremors this spirit will stir. Just as the gentle air, the blessing of the breeze, will turn to an irresistible and cataclysmic hurricane when things are out of balance, so a little thing like the truth is not to be trifled with.

When the Logos Becomes Illogical...
Aquarius is also the Sign of the logos, the universal creative spirit of reason and truth recognised in Greek philosophy. The logos is represented as 'the Word' in the New Testament and identified with Christ. This identification immediately introduces a clear metaphysical definition into Christian theology. The logos closely associates the theology of the Trinity with the astrology of the Tree of Life.

The logos precisely defines the Aquarian spirit of Uranus at Wisdom, the spirit of the Dove. The identification of the logos with Christ poses some special theological questions which are addressed at greater length below : ‘How can the Bible portray both Christ and the Holy Spirit representing the same Spirit ?’

Metaphysics to the Rescue
Fortunately returning to the original metaphysics of the Tree of Life, the basis of Judaeo-Christian theology, enables us to recognise Christ represents a rather different spirit. His definition as the logos is a misapprehension explained at greater length below in a Summary of the full article 'The Holy Spirit is Sophia : a Conventional Heresy.'

(Metaphysics is used here as the science of spiritual energies, beyond physics. This science recognises a higher, subtler dimension, really a parallel energy, which is usually referred to quite unscientifically in the catch all phrase, ‘spirit’ or ‘spiritual.’)


Click here  to go to a summary of an article - The Holy Spirit is Sophia, Wisdom, God's Consort; and the Logos, the Aquarian Spirit of Truth for the New Age

This article looks at the extraordinary development of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (NT) from the inspiring Spirit of God in the Old Testament (OT).   Sounds straightforward, it's actually quite an exciting ride !

Towards the end of the OT period the Spirit of God was translated into Sophia, the spirit of Wisdom, with very much the same powers and character. In the New Testament Sophia is represented by Christ as the logos. This means both Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Second and Third Persons in the Trinity are officially representing essentially the same Old Testament spirit of inspiration. A dogmatic contradiction at best.

The article summarised below demonstrates the Spirit of God, the spirit of Wisdom, Sophia, the Holy Spirit and the Logos are all properly, metaphysically, recognisable as the same spirit. They all represent the spirit of Wisdom on the Tree of Life, the Aquarian air spirit of Uranus. They all share this common character.

The logos in particular is the definitive metaphysical expression of the Aquarian spirit, giving us a telling glimpse of the metaphysical foundations of theology.

The definition of Christ as the Logos is a misapprehension. It is only true in special circumstances for John’s Gospel and for pragmatic reasons in the other Gospels. In the Book of Revelation it is true because this is a portrait of the Second Coming when Christ will return as the Messiah of the new age of Aquarius. Christ really represents the spirit of the Crown on the Tree. He is the Fish, the Lord of the last age of the Fishes, Pisces. This is the Sign of holiness, sacrifice and wine.

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