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The Ten Commandments ? a Crash Course in Kabbalah

The Ten Commandments ? a Crash Course in Kabbalah

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Moses showing temper because no one wants his latest works and his stammer wouldn’t impress the publishers – God on the top of the mountain indeed !  The Ten Commandments Traditionally reflect the spirits of the ten Shining Ones of the Tree in the order of the lightening flash from the Crown to the Kingdom.

The Lord’s Prayer has also been attributed to the Tradition of the Tree of Life and it is certainly not wrong to find the Kabbalah stitched brilliantly into the design of the New Testament.  It would be no more than the unintentional insult of blissful ignorance to suppose the New Testament was written by men unaware of this universal, especially Jewish, spiritual wisdom.  Revelation assures us in no uncertain terms this was not so. (Ch. 2. 7 ; 22. 2 )

Moses was reluctant to speak to the Pharaoh, “I have never been eloquent … for I am slow and hesitant of speech.”  God gets a bit annoyed with Moses, “there is your brother Aaron the Levite, is there not ?  I know that he is a good speaker…  You will speak to him and tell him what message to give.  He will speak to the people in your place, he will be as your mouthpiece, and you will be as a god inspiring him.” (Exodus 4. 10,14-16)  Moses is given the inspired role of the prophet, speaking for God.  Severe stammerers have ever since been looking for someone to say it for them.  Moses was lucky, in some ways.

While Moses represents Venus in her air sign, Libra, the element of inspired ideas (as the Holy Spirit comes in ‘a rushing mighty wind’ Acts 2. 2 ) Aaron represents the place of Mercury in the Sign of Virgo on the Tree, the planet of words and the Sign of the service and ritual of the priesthood. He is not only Moses’ spokesman; he founded the venerable line of the Jewish priesthood, the Levites.  This great tradition begins with a profound act of treachery.  It is Aaron who leads the Israelites in casting and worshipping the Golden Calf.  We find this same trait associated with the Christian Church in the Gospels, again in the person of its nominal founder, St Peter, who betrays Christ on the night before the Crucifixion. (see The Other Side of Pisces, the Treacherous Depths)

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