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A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

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The last vision is the new age of liberation in every sense. This is certainly within our potential, should we choose to realise it.  All the miraculous powers displayed by Christ in the Gospels, and, as He assures us, more besides, are latent, sleepiing within us.  We have had occasional convincing demonstrations of these powers over the years.   If any human can do these things, every human can do these things, with the proper attitude.

We see in great sports achievements, the difference between winning and losing is being able to ignore the pressure to give of your best, having the courage and confidence to be a champion, with all that inevitably accompanies it.   We are not aware of the  pressures which keep our spiritual powers or even our spiritual thoughts under wraps, unconscious.   They are too normal, like the weight of air pressing down on us, an extraordinary 15 lbs/sq. in. or 1kg/sq.cm approximately. 

These universal social pressures tell us, without us even consciously being aware, we would become freaks, even more the centre of a media and social circus, (or of disbelief) if we began to display any of these 'powers of the spirit.'

One day the world may change so these spiritual miracles become as commonplace as the modern material miracles of television and jet flight.   After all, if this extravagant materialistic bonanza hasn't taught us to expect miracles, hasn't prepared us for the unexpected and the infinite possibilities of our own potential, it will prove a terribly regrettable waste.

As for the ultimate spiritual liberation from the ancient guilt of our flesh, when the world's leading female distance athlete (Paula Radcliffe) can stop in the middle of a marathon race (London 2005) worth perhaps £500,000 to her alone, and have a quick pee at the side of the road to relieve a crippling cramp, in the full view of throngs of spectators and an attentive television audience of millions, we should guess we're on the road back to the innocence of the Garden.   Liberation indeed !   This feminine led emancipation is discussed at greater length in Notes on the Assumption of Mary.

These notes will be expanded.

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