Heaven on Earth Hardback Standard First Edition

Only a few hundred First Edition copies now remain of this unique revelation of the astrology behind our ancient faiths.   

If you believe we need a rational explanation for our current faiths, an explanation which points to One God for all of us on our small troubled planet, Heaven on Earth presents the case with simple, irresitstible evidence and logic. For both the layman seeker and the professional this book provides a stunning insight.

"...One of the most sensational, original and beautiful  books you can buy" -  Dr Moff Betts

'If it is possible to 'prove the existence of God' Heaven on Earth will come to be recognised as laying the foundations for a new understanding of religion.'

'Heaven on Earth is a thought-provoking, cogently argued and beautifully produced book that questions and challenges many of the mainstream theological assumptions that underpin contemporary religious orthodoxy and interpretation.'  Mid Wales Free Flyer

Heaven on Earth uses traditional colours for the metaphysical, spiritual elements : green for earth, our senses; blue for water, our emotions or feeling, red fire, intuition and energy and yellow for air, thinking. The gold signifies the ethereal element of the Spirit, the colour and noble metal of the Sun.

The book's five sections represent these elements : the initiative of the Prologue in red; the beauty and wonder of the Spirit, gold; a feeling for History in blue; the material details of the Gods' portraits is green but adopts the relevant planetary colours, while the logic of Destiny is yellow, a look into an uncertain future.

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