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The Fishy Beginnings Of Christianity

The Fishy Beginnings Of Christianity


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As a prelude to their appointment as ‘fishers of men’ Christ directs His Disciples to an overwhelming catch which almost breaks their nets. As the early Christian harvest of souls threatened to burst the church asunder with weight of numbers and a Babel of inspired ideas. (Jn. 21. 2-11 . Lk. 5. 1-11 )

The Gospels are awash with imagery of fish and the ‘Sea’ of Galilee (properly, as in Luke, the Lake of Gennesaret.) The fish is the principal signature for the last two millennia, the age of Pisces and for an age all men have been under this deep spell, spiritually fish for the Messiah of the age of Pisces and his Apostles, the ‘fishers of men.’ The Fish remains the prime Christian symbol, once the secret sign, still inscribed on the papal ring. Fish on Friday remains a Christian tradition.

The sea is the principal elemental image for Pisces, impressing our minds with potent associations.

These symbols of fish and the sea, so evocatively imprinted within the Gospels, are recognised by all astrologers as fundamental for the Sign of Pisces.

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