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The Spirits of Heaven and Earth
The experience of the spirits of all things was the life
   of the most ancient peoples before history, before time began.
Before the Egyptians, wise men looked up and looked within,
   recognising the divine power of the gigantic spirits of the planets.
From the earliest kings, the Egyptians worshipped all the planets as gods.
Ra, the Sun at Midday, was supreme.
Later the more esoteric, Horus, the Child, succeeded Ra
   as the representation of the Sun’s supreme divinity.
Horus was the son of Isis, the veiled white Goddess of the Moon,
   who charmed seed from the resurrected Osiris.
The golden kisses of the Sun come from a spirit of fire,
   a million times the size of our own Mother Earth.
The ineffable law of synchronicity, the inconceivable cosmic harmony,
   is revealed most simply and majestically
   as the Sun is perfectly eclipsed by the Moon.
The eclipse is immortalised in the myth of Isis,
   laying a magical serpent in the path of Ra.

                               Behold the glory of God.
The Eclipse Synchronicity
The Eclipse Synchronicity
The Sphinx : Gigantic Riddle of the Lion King
Ra, the Oldest Solar God Horus, the Child Inside Osiris and Isis, Immortality and Motherhood