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Onias III succeeded to the Traditional Crown of the High Priest and King of the Jews
  in the Temple in Jerusalem, about 200 BC.
He was advanced in his understanding of the stars and the sacred Jewish ‘Tradition’,
  the ‘Kabbalah’ of the Tree of Life.
Onias was a very pious, holy man, and an inspiring leader.
Onias was recognised by the learned Jews, the priestly Sadducees,
  as God’s Chosen One, the long expected Messiah.
Meanwhile Greek culture was the dream of the foreign conqueror of Jerusalem,
  Antiochus Epiphanes.
Jesus, the brother of Onias, schemed to please Antiochus
  and was made High Priest.
Onias was deposed and banished from the Holy City with his priestly followers.
They became the Essenes, the Holy Ones, a strict, dedicated order,
  led by the Messiah, the Christ, who was called the Teacher of Righteousness.
The Essenes claimed a New Covenant with God, just like the early Christians.
They abandoned animal sacrifices and introduced baptism by water.
Onias allowed himself to be put to death in 171 BC by his cousin Menelaus,
  the High Priest who supplanted Jesus.
Onias is recognised as the murdered Messiah in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.
Daniel was written seven years after Onias’ shocking assassination,
  to encourage and inspire the Jews
  after Antiochus’ mad massacres and abominable desecration of the Temple.
Daniel is a Traditional myth and a prophecy,
  hidden in ciphers and symbols, much like Revelation.
Daniel is not a literal history of the Jews’ Exile in Babylon,
  as it pretends to be.
The rabbis who wrote Daniel were probably Essene priests, certainly close to
  the Holy Ones who later composed the New Testament.

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