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The Throne of God Brahma, the Creator, the One God of the Hindus Buddhist Wheel of the Dharma
The Hindu religion grew and blossomed
  from the knowledge of Brahma, the Creator.
Brahma is the One, immanent and transcendent, within and beyond all,
  as He is the image of Beauty on the Tree of Life.
The earliest religious symbol of the Hindus was the Swastika.
Like the image of Brahma, the Swastika portrays the Spirit,
  transcendent unity amid the four elements.
Buddhism has elaborated the Swastika
  in the golden Wheel of the Dharma, the image of the Sun.
Christianity represents the all-encompassing, sole spirit of life
  as the One God, portrayed only in all His Creation.
The throne of God is attended by the images of the four fixed signs,
  the four elements, the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle and the Man.
These four also symbolise the four Evangelists of the four Gospels.
Beauty, the Shining One of the Sun, is number six on the Tree of Life.
Six is Traditionally the number of a man
  as nine, for the Moon, signifies womankind;
  here are the two sexes, the sixes.
The Messiah of the new age will appear as the Incarnation of Beauty,
  the Beast 666.

                                       Behold the glory of God
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