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Fame and Fortune, the Slippery Pinnacle Blind Materialism Can Be Devilishly Clever
The Jews called the evil spirit of Saturn Satan and Lucifer,
  one of the sons of God.
The Devil represents the excesses of the spirit of the Goat.
The Devil would usurp the throne of God, an excess of materialism.
Yet the heart of the Devil is God.
At the End of Time, the Devil is finally defeated.
Christian theology represents the uncorrupted, holy aspect
  of this universal spirit of Saturn in the Virgin Mary.
Mary is also the divine symbol of St Peter’s Church of Rome.
St Peter, the Rock, symbolises the Goat, of the Twelve.
At the End of Time, Mary has Assumed Her throne in Heaven.
The Virgin Mother of God is the Queen of Heaven
  and the Bride of Christ.
The earth spirit of our senses and all physical matter
  will regain a true perspective
  and an exalted place in God’s Creation.
Time will be only eternity, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
No longer shall the Goat deny all the gods in Heaven.
India is a land more spiritual than materialistic.
India’s wealth is the reverential spirit of her people.
India worships the massive earthy spirit of Saturn
  as Vishnu, Preserver.
Vishnu rising every year from three months
  beneath the waters is the land of India
  emerging from the wash of the monsoon floods.

                         Behold the glory of God
Mother Mary and Mother Church
Marriages Made in Heaven : the Trinity Finally Becomes a Quaternity
Millions in India Immerse Themselves in Astrology and Religion Vishnu Keeps India's Spirituality Earthly