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Lord Buddha's Conquest of the East
Christianity Spans the Globe
In the Norse pantheon, this god was Baldur the Good,
  also treacherously murdered in the prime of youth.
Egypt knew this great god as Osiris, butchered by his evil brother, Set.
Osiris was the king of the blessed abode of the dead,
  and the Lord of Eternity, the exemplar of the immortal soul.
Among the Hindus this Spirit Supreme is called Krishna,
  the bridegroom, the lover and the king.
Buddhism is the child of the Hindu religion,
  much as the Jewish faith fathered Christianity.
Buddha is the special Lord of the past age of the Fishes in the East,
  as Christ is in the West.
Buddha represents the same divine spirit of the Crown,
  the spirit of highest holiness.
Tibetan Buddhism worships this spirit as Chenresig, Avalokitesvara,
  the Spirit of Compassion, the patron deity of Tibet.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans' God-King and High Priest,
  has succeeded himself as the Fourteenth Incarnation of Chenresig.
As the Scriptures foretold, the Holy Father of Rome has announced
  the Marriage of Christ, the Traditional Bridegroom,
  to Mary, His Mother.
We are the new-born spiritual children of this celestial Union,
  gods ourselves in the image of the gods in Heaven.

                                         Behold the glory of God
The Buddha at the Crown of the Tree
Krishna, the Universal Lover
Innocent Pleasures : Krishna Teases Eve
The Importance of Being Lighthearted The Djed Pillar : Osiris Hidden in a Tree